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Who We Are

At DIB we believe all of us have amazing ideas and stories to tell. Ideas that might even change the way we approach things. It is these people and their ideas we want to empower by designing and providing them with tools that make it simple for them to concentrate on the ‘what’ they want to share with the world not the ‘how’. There are a wide range of ideas and tools we are working on. From visual stories, image capture, collaboration, health & wellness, workshops, online education & AI.

DIB Who We Are
Our Approach

We collaborate with thought leaders from all areas of life. Every solution needs a different approach. And that is exactly why we seek and collaborate with people from various walks of life. They can be the best in their chosen field of work or just people who have experienced life to the fullest. Because we believe there are solutions life offers us if only we figure out how it can be modified and implemented in another area.


In a career spanning 3 decades as an Editor, Ashok has edited thousands of ad films, short films, documentaries, music videos, and a feature film.

Ashok is driven by the question ‘Why?'. Why things are done a certain way and why people connect with stories. ‘Why not another way?’ is another question that prompts Ashok to look at things from multiple perspectives and see which one works the best.

Ashok founded DIB Solutions to come out with interesting solutions for making the process simpler and more effective. New ways of telling stories and interesting ways of collaborating with each other.

Ashok has also mentored / guided many film makers. He is always looking for people with passion and does his best to help them realise their vision.

He also teaches editing at the prestigious LV Prasad Film & TV Academy, Bangalore.


Suresh is a Senior Technical Architect with 20 plus years of experience in Information Technology product development.

Suresh has experience in product architecture, designing, development, management, business strategy, leadership and mentoring. He specialises across high performance computing, distributed architecture, cryptography, privacy, information security, networking & communications, and multi-platform solutions.

He is an innovator and has filed multiple patents. Suresh believes innovation and design should be used to improve human lives. Using his vast experience, he helps people to become more productive and efficient at work.

He also acts as a mentor for multiple start-ups for creating business, technology and product strategies.

What We've Done

CHILDLINE 1098 is a phone number that spells hope for millions of children across India. It is a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, free, emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance

These four digits could save a child from prostitution. This number could put an end to the neighbour's abuse. This number could, literally, save the life of a child.

#ten98 is an honest, unbiased campaign with a series of short glimpses into the dark side of our society, where crimes happen to children right in front of our eyes.

There were 29 films made. Each film a snapshot of the terrors that prey on the innocent. They were made in 4 languages. (the films can be viewed here)

This campaign was a self-funded citizen initiative, involving responsible citizens from all age groups and all walks of life, to make a difference in the life of a child in danger somewhere.

Where we are headed

With THE HUDDLE we are creating a place where anyone, wanting to create their own video content, can come and find out the right process / workflow.

THE HUDDLE will be both online and offline. Training videos, Workshops, Tips n tricks, exposure to evolving technologies will also be part of it.

Expert sessions and sessions with industry leaders is also planned.

The aim is to expose the content creators to global best practises, skills and inspiration so they can create their stories.

Creating collaborative stories has never been so much fun and simple.

SAGA is a Platform, a Tool and a Service, all rolled into one, giving users the power to CREATE, COLLABORATE and leverage ORIGINAL CONTENT.

A SAGA is never static. It is dynamic, free flowing and ever changing.

A story never ends in SAGA.

A night club.
A real estate deal goes wrong.
3 dead in a shootout.
Only a photographer can help solve the case.
Is he involved?
Or is he just an innocent witness?
But how?

The investigation that ensues is portrayed through multiple perspectives before a major twist in the end unravels the characters in an all new light.

TK355 will be a rare story with a bold treatment.

A new PERSPECTIVE of the world.

KEEDA is a simple but wild idea that came about in a casual conversation.

It was so compelling that we had to pursue it immediately.

We believe it will have a tremendous impact on the way people come together and create stunning stories.

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